Well, Hello There!

I can’t believe I didn’t think of writing a blog before, I may have saved myself a few tears and my other half a few confused evenings. He’s an amazing man, my best friend, and  we have been together for eight years, but men sometimes have a hard time with the hormonal fueled ups and downs that are just one part of a woman’s month!

Here’s how we got to where we are now…

I never wanted to be a mom. Never. When I was 16 I read about a procedure women could have done that would essentially blow up a hot water balloon inside the uterus and burn the lining away. No periods, no birth control, NO BABIES. I wanted it. Luckily my mother did not run right out and find out where to have it done, but it didn’t stop me from never wanting babies. I grew up never having unprotected sex. I never wanted any of that baby juice in me. I just didn’t want a child. Then, something crazy happened, I turned 30!
And a switch flipped. I went from not only wanting a baby (two at once would be better), but wanting to have him or her in the living room of my condo in a pool of water. From the thought of breastfeeding absolutely repulsing me to thinking I could be one of those moms breastfeeding a toddler. My biological clock went suddenly started ticking and LOUD…

fast forward to this May…

In my opinion we have been trying to conceive, in Dr. Bullard’s very professional opinion, we have been trying for almost two months. (Brief background to this statement… at a check up right after a miscarriage in May I was asked how long we had been trying to conceive, to which I replied “About one year”, she then asked how often we were having sex to which I replied “Probably around ten times”. I thought that was pretty good. We both work full time, have been together for an extended period of time and aren’t teenagers. However, a woman twice my age laughed in my face at my answer and her exact words were “Honey, you aren’t trying to have a baby”  I thought it was hilarious.

This blog will be baby making diary. Don’t worry, no sexually explicit material will be shared. Please feel free to join me!

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